About us

F-Horse is innovation, fashion and quality all rolled into one amazing online website and at the best possible price. It’s about bringing you new products and making sure that, you, as a customer are elated to open your box of goods when they get to you.


We are young, dynamic and obviously are passionate about horses. It’s this passion that drives us every day to research and test quality products.


How do we aim to do this?  Hours of research, testing and negotiating for fair prices, so that at the end of the day whether you order through our website, or social media top quality products are just a click away.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of how we do business so never hesitate to contact us to every problem a solution, and to every question an answer. We’ll always do our best to advise, guide and give you more information on our products.


Finally, if there is one thing, I’ve learnt it’s that riding is a humbling sport, my two horses teach me something new every day. In reality I owe them more then they owe me.


For me it’s not all about the competitions or a new win every season it’s about love. The love I have for my horses, pushed me to start looking for better equipment the best in my opinion. It’s this love and passion that made me decide to create F-Horse and start an amazing adventure so I could share every special product with you.


Much Love


Team F-Horse